When scientific reference becomes lifesaving evidence

Smartomica space for physicians collaboration

A comprehensive system for cross referencing an individual’s health data against existing scientific knowledge, clinical experience, and big data designed specifically for medical practitioners working with patients who have run short on options via standard care.

Why Smartomica?

We want you to have the assurance that you know about every option that could help your patients live better and longer lives.

Our methodology, systems, technology, experts, and partners are all dedicated to bringing you the best information about what is available around the globe to help you achieve your care goals.

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Deliver life-changing care

We enable our partners to solve complex health issues with personalized medical guidance. Our smart systems and medical experts match relevant research, care technologies, and treatment modalities with each patient’s health history and medical data.

Personalized medicine is a way to see things differently. Where most see a desert, we see sprouts of green growing through the sand and stones. Where guidance-based medicine grasps for a solution we recruit our expertise to help guide a patient’s life through obstacles.
— Smartomica

Smartomica Space

Smartomica platform
Become a part of the network of dedicated experts in personalized medicine and present your patient to the virtual clinical board
Smartomica analytics
Craft an evidence-based care approach for each patient through clinical and scientific data analysis and validation
Back office
Provide your patients with comprehensive personallized care
Marketplace of technologies in personalized medicine
Elect and justify individually matching diagnostic and treatment technologies for your patient. Provide your patient with molecular testing (WES, WGS, RNAseq, IHC, etc) followed by a personalised clinically-meaningful report.
International network of local lab service providers
Select and justify individually matching diagnostic and treatment technologies
International network of medical experts
Get a second opinion for your patient through a network of world-renowned experts