When scientific reference becomes lifesaving evidence


While the research community generates vast amount of scientific data called to enrich clinical vision, doctors still face clinical cases when the guidance-based approach cannot provide an optimal solution.

This is where Personalised Medicine starts.

This is where Smartomica gives the clue.

THE PhIlosophy

EU based Smartomica has created a new philosophy for Personalized Medicine, aimed at making cutting edge science and advanced clinical experience available for medical practitioners in a way such that scientific data becomes clinically appropriate evidence. We design, build and deliver comprehensive  methodology to personalize each patients' profile through in-depth AI-based data analytics and translate the results to clinically applicable language in order to make it a practical tool for dedicated medical practitioners.


By analyzing individual patient’s medical data, medical images, conventional laboratory diagnostics align with genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, we generate unique patient-specific datasets. Once obtained, those datasets become a subject to our AI-based analysis in order to identify individual, potentially druggable, therapeutic targets, and select safe and effective treatment towards them. The evidence for these generated suggestions comes from in-depth analysis of relevant patient-specific scientific information supported by big data screening.


Following principles of Evidence Based Medicine an actual clinical decision made by physician sits at the intersection of three main components:

Smartomica’s solution boosts the probability of making the optimal medical decision by elevating the weight of all three ingredients shown above. This results in:


Smartomica platform is designed to be integrated into regular clinical workflow to equip the physician with possible patient tailored scenarios built upon AI based analysis of existing scientific knowledge and clinical practice. Currently the platform development is focused on four clinical disciplines: cancer, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, infertility.


An automated and validated platform to study broad spectrum of molecular events including somatic and germline genetic variants, copy number alterations, gene fusions, microsatellite instability, etc. Analysis of gene expression data includes prediction of activated cellular mechanisms and tumor cell content. Analytical capacity covers integrative processing of multi-omics data, systems biology and pathway analysis.



Automatic system based on big data analysis for processing laboratory and clinical data of large amounts of patients. AI-based patient-centric technology is applied to recreate patient journey and predict diagnosis and outcomes.


Scientific Reader

Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based solutions for automated text mining that use available scientific knowledge to extract all the relevant information relevant for particular patient.



Solution that extracts relations between predetermined list of mutations, indels, other genomic rearrangemenets and impact on disease development based on analysis of scientific publications texts.


Drug Selection

A platform that searches the evidences of associations between molecular characteristics of the tumor (e.g. mutations, gene expression, gene fusions) and response to treatment based on research articles and clinical trial data.


Diagnostic Technology
Search Tool

Technology that performs real-time monitoring of the existing diagnostic methods, including both clinically implemented and experimental methods that is relevant for patient’s condition using scientific publications and internet data.


Clustering Tool

Application that allows a physician or researcher to get a detailed overview of a scientific topic based on automatic clustering and interpretation of existing scientific publications related to the topic. The application is further used for scientific and clinical hypothesis generation.



Being designed for AI guided integrative analysis of different meaningful parameters Smartomica technologies were acquired by our satellite companies to provide precision solutions for clinical medicine, healthcare and biotech.

The patient committed remote medical service built upon a new philosophy of Personalised Medicine developed by parent company Smartomica.

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Doctor's navigator through ICD related diagnostic and treatment guidances for primary patient personalisation, use of resources optimisation and quality of medical service foundation.

AI based engine to assemble integrative multi-parameter biomarker to distinguish between potential responders and non responders for anticancer immune therapy among NSCLC patients.

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